Spring Valley Students Learn About the American Flag

display of flag

On Tuesday, September 10th, our Spring Valley Wildcats were visited by the American Legion Flag Etiquette Team from Post 408, Derby/Haysville.  Mike and Kathy Saindon shared some very interesting information about the American Flag.  Did you know that most flags have thirteen stripes but there is one that has fifteen?  The Star Spangled Banner flag had 15 stars and 15 stripes for the original thirteen states plus Vermont and Kentucky.  The stripes returned to the original thirteen and it was decided that just a star would be added for each new state.  Kansas was the 34th star added to the flag, it was in 1861. 

We also learned that there are special ways for the American flag to be displayed.  For example, if the American flag and Kansas flag are together on the same pole, the American flag should be higher.  If flown on a car, it should be on the passenger side, but if flown on a motorcycle, it should be on the back.

Two Fort Riley soldiers from 2-1 GSAB, SPC Radford and PFC Schade,  also joined to show how to fold the flag at a funeral.  Each of the thirteen folds has a special meaning, with the last one being for the original thirteen colonies.  Mindy King, a Spring Valley parent, staff member and also an Army veteran, assisted with the presentation and read us the meaning of each fold.

The presentation was very interesting and we learned lots of things about the flag.  We appreciate everyone for coming to share with us!

Soldiers with American Flag
Students Listening to Presentation
Students listening to presentation