Spring Valley Biscuits And Gravy

Staff serving biscuits and gravy

If “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast”, as John Gunther once said, then all of those who attended the Spring Valley Biscuit and Gravy Feed, this past Saturday, December 2, 2017 were surely a joyful bunch.  Our community came out to enjoy a delicious biscuit and gravy breakfast provided by none other than the wonderful staff and students at Spring Valley Elementary.

This was a fundraising event organized by Mrs. Duntz, Spring Valley music teacher. According to Ms. Peterson, she worked “tirelessly” to bring about this event even though she had a cold and practically no voice left as she greeted people at the door.

During last year’s musical, the sound equipment went out and the students continued the performance as best they could without a sound system. Because of her love for music and the students, Mrs. Duntz decided to do all she could to raise funds for a new sound system. She was thankful for all the help and “overwhelmed by the support of students, staff and the community”.

Everyone pitched in to help, like Tim and Julie Stuck who managed the student Christmas Boutique. Items were sold at bargain prices so that students could buy gifts for their families and friends. Student volunteers served drinks and bussed tables. Luke, a 5th grader, manned the raffle table. Claireon, another 5th grader, and her father, Marvin, enjoyed the food and were grateful for programs such as this. Marvin said he was out so early on this cold morning because he is so happy that his daughter has been in the STUCO program for the last five years. He has seen Claireon grow in her social skills and leadership.

If you missed the breakfast and would like to help with this effort, contact Mrs. Duntz at Spring Valley Elementary. This team worked together well and were well on their way to reaching their fundraising goal. They all seemed so cheerful and happy… I’m guessing they all had a good breakfast and that John Gunther was on to something.

This article was written by L.P. Zamudio, a freelance writer and  local community member.

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