February Newsletter 2018


  • Student workers are doing great at their Wildcat Jobs!
  • We all enjoyed the Kansas Day activities, the students learned lots of things about our state!
  • Thank you to the Milford Nature Center who came and presented information about animals on January 30th!


Not many know this, but schools are required to follow nutrition guidelines and are graded on a rubric by the state on three levels: Integrating, Transitioning, and Modeling.  In an effort to adhere to these guidelines, we use our My Plate grant to provide a healthy snack at classroom celebrations and encourage the focus to be on activities, not food.  We are also obligated to follow allergy guidelines.  This is why we cannot allow homemade treats and require labels.  Due to the support of our families, Spring Valley scored in the “Modeling” level of the rubric.  Please continue to help us meet these guidelines by not sending in snacks for Valentine’s Day.  Also, please remember that we do not accept deliveries of flowers or balloons, etc. for students at school.


We have two music programs this month!  Kindergarten will be presenting their program on February 6th at 6:00 and First Grade will be presenting their program at 6:45, also on February 6th! DATE CHANGE: THESE HAVE BEEN MOVED TO FEBRUARY 8TH DUE TO WEATHER CONCERNS


Cold and flu season is upon us and we have seen several of our students out ill over the past weeks.

Flu symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, and extreme tiredness. Consult a family physician if illness becomes a concern.

Please check out usd475.org for more information and tips.

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